Eastham has really become a popular destination recently for both second home buyers and us ‘year-rounders’. I think part of the charm for many people is the relaxed feel; lots of sandy roads and pine trees lend themselves to that ‘other era’; a slowing down of time, vacations etc.

It doesn’t hurt either, that Eastham has fantastic bike trails and beaches!

For the history fanatics amongst us, Eastham boasts First Encounter Beach, which basically says it all in its name! A beautiful spot where the Pilgrims first met the Native Americans. That tells you something about Eastham – long before the first turnip field, people happily settled Eastham and thoroughly enjoyed the bounty of the sea and land.

I have it on good authority that the place to be on a Sunday in season, is Salt Water Pond for excellent shell fishing. Other fabulous places to visit are the National Seashore with Coast Guard and Nauset Light beaches…just remember to go early, everybody loves these beaches!

Another personal favorite area of mine is Fort Hill. I have accompanied many an elementary field trip to this area and I always love the walk through woodland and open field. There is a famous Native American ‘rock’ here and detailed signage about Eastham’s first settlers – all with a fabulous view of the ocean. Being an addict of history and old houses, I also love visiting the Capt Penniman House with the large whale jawbones arching over the path. Fascinating stuff!

We all know that summer is a fabulous time to visit Eastham with the biking, beaches, walking and ponds; but there is a special weekend in the early Fall that centers around the Windmill park. This special town celebration is a lot of fun for the whole family and demonstrates firsthand the lovely friendliness of the inhabitants of this special town.