Getting off the Highway at Exit 10, you are welcomed to ‘The Harwich’s’ and what a selection of diverse towns there are!

I personally, love Harwich Port. If you enjoy being in the middle of everything, walking or biking to beach, shops, dinner, ice cream and breakfast then join many of my clients who I have found homes for here.

I think the beauty of Harwich Port is anchored by the beautiful old seaside ‘cottages’ with their picket fences on tree lined streets. It always looks clean, fresh and very green in Harwich Port! The ‘Campground’ just off of Lower Road is another interesting and unique area. Built originally as a Methodist summer camp, the homes are for the most part, of the gingerbread variety with great porches and the sparkling ocean at the end of every street! If you are looking for an old feel family neighborhood vacation home, then this area is great! Very social and fun.

Leave Harwich Port for Harwich via gorgeous Bank Street – your head doesn’t know which way to look for lovely grand old antique homes line the road. Harwich, is the ‘business’ part if you like. Lovely old buildings, Town Hall, a fun community park, library and a great coffee shop and Mexican restaurant!

You pass a lot of cranberry bogs in Harwich – an active industry still here that culminates in early Fall with the Cranberry Festival. Town wide fun events for the whole family. Family is important to Harwich – they have a brand new Monomoy School District with Chatham and a wonderful fairly new community center that is greatly used by young and old alike. Harwich is another town with their own Cape Cod League Baseball team, the Harwich Mariners.

When I first moved to America over 25 years ago, there really wasn’t such a place as East Harwich… now, however, there is quite the shopping plaza there and the Lighthouse Charter School. There are many different neighborhoods in East Harwich, small and large and the nearest water for the most part, is the beautiful Pleasant Bay. Harwich is a wonderful town to visit and to live in. There are many year round residents supporting the local school and community. Real Estate varies in value of course, like the other towns, but because of the size of the town there are many opportunities for the first time home buyer and they are welcomed.