My Father always loved Orleans. He found the residents here to be very ‘real’ and fascinating; families with stories to tell going back many generations.

It didn’t hurt for Dad, that Orleans has the most amazing waterways for boating and fishing.

Orleans is located at the ‘elbow’ of the Cape and with such a position comes beautiful sandy wide beaches on the Bayside, and across town, the very famous Nauset Beach on the Atlantic Ocean. Nauset Beach is unbeatable for a fun day– surfing, swimming or just hanging out – this is the place to be and be seen for the younger crowd! To the envy of many Cape Codders, Orleans residents get to drive on the outer beaches year round for an incredibly modest fee – that’s a great reason to own Real Estate here!

My husband and I brought our family to live in Orleans over 10 years ago after 16 wonderful years in Brewster.  My son loved to skateboard to Nauset Beach with his surfboard under his arm!  In later years he put it on top of his Jeep and drove out onto the Outer beach spending all day surfing, fishing and hanging out on the beach with friends making those incomparable Cape Cod memories.  My daughter loves the social side of Nauset Beach with friends and she was a life guard for the Town of Orleans for many summers.

East Orleans has beautiful walking areas, a lot of historic buildings, an active theatre and the most stunning scenery around every corner. Many years ago when Orleans property was ‘planned’ out, they were very smart in making large lots – it is quite apparent today when you look at real estate; most areas of town have good privacy between lots.

With water never far away, Orleans is a must for boaters. Cruising down The River past the ancient Packet Ship ticket office into Little Pleasant Bay and Pleasant Bay; it just doesn’t get much prettier than the sights around you. Fishing is superb and the many islands and outer beaches entice the eye with the camera as well as the kayaker. From the center of town, The Cove leads to other spectacular sights; and, of course, Rock Harbor leads boaters out to Wellfleet and beyond.

With a bustling town center anchored by businesses that have been here a long long time, there are vibrant fashion boutiques, eclectic art galleries, brilliant restaurants and coffee houses – really no need to ever leave – make Orleans your next home!