My husband and I ask ourselves all the time if buying a vacation home just 21 minutes up the road would be a rather silly idea!

Wellfleet is rather special. It has a totally different feel somehow from the rest of the Cape.

It sounds bizarre, but it reminds us of the Caribbean as far as friendliness and ‘island time’ is concerned! The locals never appear to be frustrated with the busy season – you can still get a warm welcome and a Wellfleet smile even in late August!

The center of town is architecturally wonderful for me, the realtor, who just loves looking at houses! Mingled throughout the town are some fabulous boutiques and Wellfleet is renowned not only for the delicious oysters, but also for its great art galleries. Dining is a treat here too – our particular favorite is the Wicked Oyster where we are always greeted with big smiles, great appetizers and the best pear martinis!

There is nothing better to do on a bright but blustery fall day, than go hiking on one of Wellfleet’s many trails around the ‘islands’. The views are spectacular and there is great history to be learned about the area, the lost whaling community and the power of the sea.

It’s always fun to visit the Beachcomber at least once during the summer season! There is nowhere else quite like it with the rusticity, the incredible beach below, raw bar, good ‘pub style’ food and, of course, the amazing live music. It is possible to bike here from Orleans, but I would recommend hitching a lift from the Flex bus on the way home!

They say that Wellfleet became popular years ago as the summer vacation spot for the psychologists from New York – then their patients started to follow apparently! Whatever the history of ancient and modern settlers, it makes for a beautiful friendly town on ‘island time’.